smell the roses

OPEN Labs frees people from their allergies. Why be held back from experiencing happiness throughout the seasons? At OPEN Labs, we provide a seamless allergy treatment designed for everyone.

the goal

We ensure people can embrace new experiences. Allergies do not hold the right to keep us from picnicking with friends, hiking with our families, or sharing a life with our pets.

Be freed, it's your destiny.

follow your schedule, not ours

Allergy shots consume a full work week of your year. Your time is precious, so

we crafted Ambrosia to fit around you.

9 out of 10 patients fail to complete their allergy shot regimens. They are expensive and inconvenient.

Don't be a statistic. At OPEN, we have designed all treatments to be both affordable & accessible, allowing more patients to be freed from their allergies.

because healthcare should fit into your life.

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